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Flower Guides

Growing flowers in your garden spaces will transform your home into a private oasis. Our how-to articles on individual varieties, plus some nifty tips, will help you create a beautiful display for your home, no matter where your location or climate.

Turn your outdoor space into a profusion of living color!

49 Best Yellow Flowers for Gardens (Annuals and Perennials)

Flower Gardens

Are you looking for the perfect flower to add a pop of color? Look no further; this yellow flower list is for you! Yellow flowers are bright but still more inviting than red or orange cause they create a serene environment. Whether you're looking for a soft buttery hue, a vibrant citron, or a golden shade, any yellow flower will add a zing to your garden. Yellow flowers have a cheerful, fun, and friendly vibe, which makes them the perfect addition to any garden, bouquet, or decoration. From perennials to annuals, from tiny to tall, there are plenty of beautiful yellow blossoms to go around. In this guide, you will find not only descriptions of each flower but also invaluable insights into their care and cultivation. From planting tips to watering techniques, and deadheading practices to soil preferences, this master gardener's guide will equip you with the knowledge and expertise to cultivate these yellow beauties with confidence. So, let's look at the different sunny shades available and which suits you and your zone best.

66 Types of Red Flowers for Your Garden (with Pictures)

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68 Types of Pink Flowers (With Pictures and Plant Care Tips)

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Acacia Tree: Description, Types, and Care Tips (Full Guide)

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Alder Tree: Description, Types, and Care Tips (Full Guide)

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Angel Wing Begonia Care (Complete Indoor and Outdoor Guide)

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Angel Wing Begonia, also known as Begonia coccinea, is a beautiful and popular plant among gardeners, thanks to its stunning ...

Azalea Guide: How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Azaleas

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Begonia: How to Plant, Grow and Care for Begonia Plant

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Best Annual Flowers for Beginners: 13 Low Maintenance Varieties

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Black Rose: History, Symbolism, Cultivation, and Varieties

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Blue Orchids: Real and Fake - All Your Questions Answered

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Calibrachoa: How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Million Bells®

Flower Gardens

Calibrachoa, often referred to as "million bells®" or "tiny petunias," is a genus of plants that originated from South America. These ...