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Vegetable Gardens

There’s few things more rewarding than growing vegetables in your own backyard. The fresh taste of a vine ripened tomato or snap pea harvested at its flavorful peak is second to none. Vegetable gardens are a great family activity, one that provides rewarding outdoor exercise. And knowing that your organically-grown veggies carry none of the risks of today’s commercial, factory-farm produce can be priceless.

To ensure you raise the best-tasting, most nutritious food for your family — in ways that make your garden as safe and healthy as it can be — takes planning, know-how and experience. Click the blog articles here for information on locating your new garden plot, improving soil health, selecting the best vegetable varieties for your growing conditions, and caring for your plants — naturally! — all the way to harvest.

Share ideas or ask specific questions over at our Vegetable Garden Forum. Planet Natural’s community of avid gardeners can help.

Fast (Fresh, Organic) Food


Here's how to get quick, nutritious vegetables from your garden.

Pea Trellises: Form and Function

Garden Design

Attractive, effective ideas for making a trellis that will support peas.



Learn easy tips for growing and cooking with celeriac (a.k.a. celery root).

Permaculture: Local and Sustainable


How to put natural, sustainable gardening principles to use in your own backyard.

What are Hybrid Seeds?


F1 hybrids, plant hybridization and your home vegetable garden.



Like onions, organic shallots are easy to grow from sets in your garden. Here's how.

Recipes from the Root Cellar


Cooking with carrots, rutabagas, winter squash and other "keeper" crops.

Heirlooms to the Rescue


Planting heirlooms can preserve genetic diversity and enhance global food security.

Starting Seeds Indoors

Garden Calendar

Starting plants from seed just might be the second most enjoyable act of procreation you’ll ever experience.

Why Heirloom Garden Seed?


There are many reasons for growing heirloom flowers, herbs and vegetables. Preserving seed diversity is one.

Front Yard Vegetable Gardening


Ditch the lawn and grow organic vegetables on your own front yard farm.

Hybrid Seeds Past & Present


Advantages and disadvantages of using hybrid seed in the home vegetable garden.