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Organic Gardens

Your reward for growing organically means more than freedom from chemicals. You’ll have delectable produce and fresh-picked herbs just steps from your door.

Our articles and tips teach you how to build a garden that’s safe for people, pets and wildlife. Build your own compost pile to create rich soil, reach for earth-friendly fertilizers, and let beneficial insects control pests. Start here to create a productive, sustainable paradise.

Ladybug or Ladybeetle?

Beneficial Insects

Why this gardener's friend is better than pesticides.

Water Purity and Organic Gardening


The small things we do to keep pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals out of our water supply.

Gardener's New Year Resolutions


Gardening practice, like the garden itself, can always be improved. We resolve to do more, do better.

Winter In the Garden


May your holiday season, like your gardening season, be joyous.

Integrated Pest Management: Common Sense Compendium

Bugs & Thugs

For years, this go-to book has shown gardeners how to cut out the harmful chemicals.

Allelopathy and the Science of Companion Planting

Garden Design

How ryegrass and other allelopathic plants can cut weeds and boost fertility.

Garden Tasks for November


The growing season isn't over until the ground freezes.

Contaminated Chicken: Thoughts For Organic Gardeners


Salmonella outbreak emphasizes importance of small producers and homegrown vegetables.

Beddy-Bye Garden Time


Now's the time to be preparing your garden beds for winter. Here's how.

Social Media? Gardening!


Common interests and shared information with your fellow gardeners.

Small Farming Book Hits the Big Time


Growing is business for small, locally sourced, natural livestock producer.