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Organic Gardens

Your reward for growing organically means more than freedom from chemicals. You’ll have delectable produce and fresh-picked herbs just steps from your door.

Our articles and tips teach you how to build a garden that’s safe for people, pets and wildlife. Build your own compost pile to create rich soil, reach for earth-friendly fertilizers, and let beneficial insects control pests. Start here to create a productive, sustainable paradise.

The Spirit of Gardening


Gardens nourish the soul as well as the body.

GMO Vote, Leaf Mold, High-Tech Farming ... And Pie!


Short-takes on natural gardening topics we're following.

How to Start Your Own Organic Garden

Garden Design

Tips for beginners who want to grow organic vegetables and landscape plants.

Gardening With Kids


Activities for growing with children.

Perfect Cabbage, Organic Miracle


The priceless rewards of growing unblemished cabbage organically.

Winterize Your Vegetable Garden

Bugs & Thugs

Cleaning out garden debris also takes out harmful insect eggs and larvae for next season.

Food Issues and Organic Growing


Is the farm bill money spent on promoting organics and locally grown foods worth it?

Gardening Basics: Plant Parts

Flower Gardens

Knowing the parts and functions of what you grow is key for organic gardeners.

Organic Gardening Based on Location


Understanding hardiness zones and growing conditions guarantees success.

What is Gluten? How You Can Garden for a Gluten-Free Lifestyle

Food Safety

Diets that include organic, home-grown, gluten-free vegetables help those with wheat-protein intolerance.

Elements of Organic Gardening: Composting


Learn how to recycle yard clippings and organic table scraps into rich, soil-building compost.

Butterfly Gardening Resource Guide

Beneficial Insects

Attracting and benefiting from our most beautiful pollinators.