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Our gardens and yards are strands in a huge web connecting all living creatures.

Caring for the environment starts with thoughtful decisions at home about chemicals that could impact pollinating insects, wildlife, water sources and more. Read more to see how small changes add up to a healthier world.

Florida's Indian River: What's Going On?


Mystery ailment in Florida estuary killing manatees, dolphins and pelicans.

Bees Swarm Media

Beneficial Insects

Learn how bees play an important role in agriculture and everyday life.

Everyone Loves Gardens and Gardening


Our far-flung correspondent in often arid Santa Fe leaves town and reports back.

Just Say NO to Bug-B-Gone

Common Pests

How to control garden pests with safe, effective organic sprays.

Xeric Landscapes, Works of Art


The new botanical garden located in Santa Fe, New Mexico is a combination of artful design and xeric plants.

Doin' the Pollinate Shake!


How to hand pollinate plants in the vegetable garden.

Fertilizer Runoff Killing Gulf

Compost & Soil

This year’s dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico, usually around 6,000 to 7,000 square miles, might well be the largest in history.

Plant Growth Regulators: Safe?

Compost & Soil

Flowering plants, like marigolds, have been treated with PGRs for years, resulting in small plants with many blossoms.

Honeybee Population in Decline

Beneficial Insects

Here's two-breaking stories on bee decline, pesticides and politics.

Household Chemicals and Climate News


Think the home cleaning and personal care products are safe?

News: GMOs, Bees and Politics

Beneficial Insects

At least one Senator is showing some regret that the Monsanto provision was included in the budget bill.

Bird Decline Linked to Toxic Pesticides


For years, we've known that bird species in America's farmlands and grasslands have been in steep decline.