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Garden Calendar

Each season of the year brings new tasks for the the garden.

Stay one step ahead of projects for the coming months by reviewing the expert advice in this collection of tips and time-tested wisdom. Know when to plant seeds, prune trees, turn your compost pile, put the garden to bed and more.

Winter Houseplant Care: Balanced Conditions

Garden Calendar

Consider the interrelationship of light, water, humidity and temperature when growing indoors.

Keeping Mice From Your Compost Heap

Common Pests

Mice in your compost bin can be a problem year-round, but especially in the winter.

Bring the Kitchen Garden Indoors

Garden Calendar

Elizabeth Millard's new book teaches us how to grow herbs, greens and sprouts inside during winter months.

Conifers In the Winter Landscape

Garden Calendar

Growing evergreens takes planning, care … and water.

Late Season Bulb Planting


Tips and techniques for planting your favorite fall flower bulbs.

Fall Soil Preparation

Compost & Soil

Autumn's the time to soil test, clean out pests and add amendments.

Winterize Your Vegetable Garden

Common Pests

Cleaning out garden debris also takes out harmful insect eggs and larvae for next season.

Save Water On Your Lawn

Garden Calendar

Tips for using less water when city restrictions demand it.

Early Season Vegetables

Garden Calendar

Cool season, spring harvest, cold crop vegetables are among the year's most enjoyable.

Last Call for Planting Fruit Trees

Fruits & Berries

Apple, peach, cherry, plums and others planted now can provide a lifetime of rewards.

Springtime Garden Soil Preparation

Compost & Soil

Even if conditions aren't yet right for planting, there's plenty to do to get your garden ready.

Vegetables Not To Start Indoors

Garden Calendar

. . . and why (plus how) to raise these plants indoors anyway.