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The end of the growing season is one of the busiest times in a garden.

Harvest produce. Plant bulbs. Can tomatoes. Rake leaves. Turn the compost pile. Add mulch.

Learn how to do it all from our extensive gardening guides that are packed full of advice you’ll come back to every year.

Tool Time: Caring for Garden Tools


Proper tool maintenance will ensure years of use from the equipment that has served you so well.

Things We've Learned: Leaves


We think of gardening as a never-ending learning process.

Saving Flower Seeds


Collect your own flower seed for planting next year. Here's how.

Planting Cover Crops

Compost & Soil

Plant and grow a cover crop this fall to improve next season's vegetable garden.

Plan On Planting Apple Trees Now


Tips and techniques for spring planting of apple trees.

Sugar Is Sweet; Let's Make A Pumpkin Pie!


How to grow and when to harvest heirloom pumpkins for tasty baking.

Gardening with Straw

Compost & Soil

Tips for using straw as a mulch (and more!) in the vegetable garden.

Precautions When Canning Tomatoes


Water-bath canning techniques may no longer be safe.

Fall Garden Cleanup

Bugs & Thugs

Stop next season's plant problems... now!

Sweet Season: After a Garden Frost


Which vegetables not only survive frost, but taste better after a freeze? Here's what to grow.

The Time to Mulch is Now

Compost & Soil

Learn how to apply mulch -- and what's best to use -- on your gardens and landscaped areas.

Winter Squash For the Keeping


Tips for harvesting and storing squash grown in your garden.