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Everyone Loves Gardens and Gardening

Our far-flung correspondent in often arid Santa Fe leaves town and reports back.

Garden Tasks for August

Grow great vegetables and beautiful blooms with this gardener’s to-do list for August.

Lesson In Brussels Sprouts

Patience, persistence required while growing brussel sprouts.

Grow A Straw Bale Garden

Gardens made of straw bales are great for tomatoes, potatoes and all your favorite vegetables.

Micronutrients Essential for Plant Health

There’s a whole list of plant micronutrients that are key, in much smaller quantities, to the health of your plants.

Just Say NO to Bug-B-Gone

How to control garden pests with safe, effective organic sprays.

Summer Flowers For Color

Here’s how to keep beautiful annual and perennial flowers blooming in your garden all season long.

Xeric Landscapes, Works of Art

The new botanical garden located in Santa Fe, New Mexico is a combination of artful design and xeric plants.

Water Saving Tips for Gardens

How to conserve water while making sure your vegetable garden gets what it needs.

Garden Tasks for July

Weeding, watering and organic pest control top our gardener’s to-do list for July.

Melon Growing Problems

Dealing with melon pests and disease problems… organically.

Doin’ the Pollinate Shake!

How to hand pollinate plants in the vegetable garden.