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Dried, carved or used in centerpieces, gourds from the garden bring color, cheer to the Thanksgiving season.

Natural Insect Control With Bats

Bats feed on pests from cucumber beetles to termites. Put them to work for you.

Starting a Home Orchard: Plan Ahead

Now’s the time to consider planting fruit trees in the spring.

Garden Tasks for November

The growing season isn’t over until the ground freezes.

Beekeeping, Small Farming, and the Environment

Lessons from the hive about pesticides, organic practice and sustainability.

Overwintering Plants Indoors

To keep potted plants alive through the winter, know your plants, know your conditions.

How to Make a Succulent Frame

An attractive, hardy succulent garden to hang on your wall like fine art.

Cooking With Kids: Nutrition, Health, Gardening

A new cookbook, SYLVIA’S TABLE, talks about growing and preparing food with children.

Quick, Efficient Composting

How to get the most from your tumbling bin.

The Great (Heirloom) Pumpkin

Varieties of pumpkins for carving, eating or both!

Contaminated Chicken: Thoughts For Organic Gardeners

Salmonella outbreak emphasizes importance of small producers and homegrown vegetables.

Overwintering Potted Plants

Techniques to protect plants in pots from cold and freezing weather.