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Rainwater Harvesting

How to reduce water use, save money, and fight drought by harvesting and collecting rainwater.

Gardening Reality Check

No one said gardening is a bed of roses.

Take Action To Save Pollinators

Plants that attract bees, butterflies, and other pollinators to your garden can help save them.

Gardening and the Five-Gallon Bucket

Chores, container gardens, hydroponics and other uses for 5 gallon buckets.

Chicken Producers Cut Antibiotics

Foster Farms joins a growing list of commercial chicken raisers to hear consumer calls for antibiotic-free, organic products.

Early Season Fruit Thinning

Thinning emerging apples, peaches and other fruits early in the season improves size, quality and future blooming.

Using Fish and Seaweed Fertilizers

Nutrient-rich fish and seaweed fertilizers make the garden grow.

Strawberry Growing Guide

Planting, growing and caring for your organic strawberry patch.

Starting a Strawberry Patch

Growing a strawberry patch takes good soil and advanced planning.

Coffee Grounds and Compost

Is it okay to put coffee grounds in my compost pile? How much is too much?

Coconut Coir or Sphagnum Peat Moss?

Coir, the popular hydroponic growing medium, rivals peat as an effective soil conditioner. Here’s the comparison.

What’s the Best Compost?

Answer: Homemade compost. Here’s why.