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33 Perfect Gardening Gifts For Mom (That Are Also Unique!)

Gardening Gifts for Mom

Does your mom enjoy herself the most when she’s in her garden? Then surprise her one of these incredible gardening gifts for mom and watch her glee with joy!

Whether your mom was born with a green thumb or has started getting into this new hobby, you’re bound to find the perfect gift for her here.

It’s filled with a variety of gardening gift ideas ranging from basic gardening tools to more splurge-worthy ideas, to give you a variety of ideas and options to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for the best mother’s day gift, or the perfect gift for her birthday or the holidays, you’re going to absolutely love all the options we have in store for you.

Excited? Then let’s get started!

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1. The Old Farmer’s Almanac Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook

Whether your mom is a gardening newbie or an expert, this vegetable gardener’s handbook is an ideal resource for her to check out whenever she has any questions in mind.

It includes detailed information on sowing, growing, and harvesting veggies that will keep her busy when she isn’t out and about in the backyard!

The Old Farmers Almanac Vegetable Gardeners Handbook

2. VIVOSUN 0.2 Gallon Handheld Garden

Speaking of being out and about, I’m sure she’s out there watering her plants regularly! So, get her this high-quality handheld mister that’s perfect for daily use.

It features an ergonomic locking handle, an adjustable brass nozzle, and a pressure release valve that work perfectly together for the best sprayer on the market! You even get a 1-year warranty for this pump pressure sprayer!

VIVOSUN 2 Gallon Handheld Garden

3. POP’S The Original Hummingbird Swing

This original hummingbird swing will keep your mom entertained and can provide countless hours of enjoyment when birdwatching! It’s the perfect gift for all garden and bird lovers out there, so regardless of the occasion your mom is going to fall in love with it.

It’s made from real copper with a hand-stained birch dowel to provide weather resistance and high durability. She’s going to love this and so will the hummingbirds!

POPS The Original Hummingbird Swing

4. Home Bazaar Flower Pot Cottage Birdhouse

If your mom has been looking for a birdhouse for the birds visiting her garden, then look no more because this cottage birdhouse is the most stunning one on the market!

It opens for easy cleaning and also has good ventilation and drainage. The unpainted interiors are perfect for her little bird friends, and the 1 ¼” opening will really accommodate common cavity dwellers such as Finch, Wrens, Titmice, and Chickadees.

Home Bazaar Flower Pot Cottage Birdhouse

5. Fifthroom Concrete Log Birdbath

Spoil your mom with this stunning concrete log birdbath that she’ll definitely show off to her friends the next time they’re over! Not only is it a beautiful design, but the build is fantastic and will last for years.

This birdbath is handcrafted in the US and comes pre-assembled so all she has to do is find the perfect spot for it and she’s good to go!

Fifthroom Concrete Log Birdbath

6. Vintage Lemon Pair Fine Art Print

If your mom loves home décor, gift her this stunning vintage lemon pair fine art prints that’ll remind her of you every single time she sees it! These beautiful prints will add character to any room and bring a massive smile to her face.

They’re incredibly high-quality and ‘designed for a lifetime’ to make sure it lasts. All the fine art prints are printed on acid-free and heavy-weight paper using archival inks that give them a long-lasting finish.

Vintage Lemon Pair Fine Art Print

7. Monstera Deliciosa Plant

If your mom is a gardening enthusiast, she has probably admired this beautiful Monstera Deliciosa plant for quite some time now. It’s a relatively easy houseplant to take care of and looks stunning, thanks to its large unique leaves.

So, gift her this beautiful plant for her birthday, Christmas, or the next mother’s day, and watch as her eyes light up when she sees it!

Monstera Deliciosa Plant

8. Esker Plantable Candle

This candle is not like all the other ones you’ve seen; once burned, it can turn into a thriving herb garden! Each enclosed dust cover is made of seed paper that’s embedded with culinary herb seeds!

Plus, each candle also comes with a compressed soil pod to plant your seed paper once your mom is done burning it. The scent has woodsy base notes comprising cedar mixed with musky palo santo and sweet herbal rock rose for the most stunning fragrance ever!

Esker Plantable Candle

9. Garden Kneeler Pad and Heavy-Duty Seat

Treat your mom to this sturdy, easy-to-fold kneeler and stool to keep her knees protected every time she’s out gardening. It even includes a tool pouch on the side for her to store her favorite gardening tools and gadgets.

It’s an incredibly sturdy design that includes a metal frame and can hold up to 330lbs (150kg). The cover is made from a waterproof and washable fabric, so you know it’s going to last a long time!

Garden Kneeler Pad and Heavy Duty Seat

10. Natural Wonders Bouquet

If your mom loves gardening, you know she loves flowers! So treat her to a stunning bouquet that’s sure to make her smile.

This bouquet features orange lilies, purple iris, and dainty white daisies, with pink mini carnations and yellow solidago. All are designed in a whitewash handled basket for an elegant combination! Plus, it includes a delicate succulent for a modern and unique touch.

Flowers Fast Natural Wonders Bouquet

11. Hamama Microgreens Starter Kit with Bamboo Frame

Give your mom this beautiful microgreens starter kit that includes everything she’ll need for the perfect micro-herbs in her kitchen!  It comes with a reusable grow tray, a beautiful bamboo frame, and easy instructions to help her figure out exactly how to use it.

You can also pick three different seed quilts to use, ranging from broccoli, cabbage, and kale, all the way to a salad mix or wasabi mustard for a unique combination.

Buy it one time or get a cheaper offer if you opt to get a subscription for different three seed quilts to auto-delivery every month for just $19!

Hamama Microgreens Starter Kit with Bamboo Frame

12. Super Wide Brim Sun Hat UPF50+

Get your mom this beautiful super wide brim sun hat for wide UV protection. It includes an adjustable chin strap that comes with a Velcro to give her a nice and snug fit.

The 100% polyester design is breathable and also moisture-wicking, to keep her head ventilated and cool even on the hottest and most humid days.

Super Wide Brim Sun Hat UPF50

13. Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 PA+++

Speaking of sun protection, if your mom doesn’t already use sunscreen then get her this totally invisible, weightless, and scentless formula by Supergoop! And even if she has a sunscreen she likes and uses already, trust us when we say this is the best on the market!

It’s also a reef-friendly formulation which means it doesn’t include oxybenzone and octinoxate which are the two ingredients believed to contribute to coral bleaching.

Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 PA

14. Garden Rocker Comfort Seat

This ergonomic rocking chair is perfect for relieving Mom’s back pain. Its height is adjustable, and it has a curved back and a contoured seat so she can relax in the garden for hours.

It weighs just over 3 lbs but can support weight up to 250 lbs! It’s the perfect gardening tool while your mom tends to weed, sows her seeds, and harvests the next batch of veggies!

Garden Rocker Comfort Seat

15. Gardening Apron with Pockets

Speaking of harvesting, this gardening apron is perfect for her, and trust us she’s going to love it! It’s machine washable, made of canvas cotton, and has a deep bottom release pocket.

This kangaroo-style pouch pocket is easy to fill up with her garden harvest or any other items she collects. The clips allow for easy release when she needs to empty it.

Gardening Apron with Pockets

16. Sunnydaze Heavy-Duty Steel Dump Utility Cart

If the apron with pockets won’t cut it, then get your mom this incredible heavy-duty steel dump utility cart so that she can harvest all her veggies and crops easily in one go!

It comes with a massive 660-pound hauling capacity and is multipurpose so she can move things around the backyard with ease. Plus, the u-shaped quick-release hook makes it incredibly easy to unload quickly and effortlessly.

Sunnydaze Heavy Duty Steel Dump Utility Cart

17. Expandable Garden Hose

Get your mom this expandable garden hose to help change her gardening game! It automatically expands at standard pressure when water is turned on, and shortens when water is turned off.

The durable and flexible design is perfect for long-term use and comes with everything she’ll need all in one package.

MAXDONE Expandable Garden Hose

18. Floral Gardening Gloves

These beautiful floral gardening gloves were designed with both function and fashion in mind. They’re made of 4-way spandex to provide comfort without compromising on dexterity.

Plus, they’re also touchscreen compatible so you can rest assured that she’ll be able to receive your calls or reply to your texts!

DIGZ Floral Gardening Gloves

19. Plant Lady Gardening Kit

If you’re looking for a gardening kit that includes a matching apron, gloves, straw hat, and tools, then look no further because this cute and funny plant lady gardening kit is perfect for your mom!

It also comes with a transplanter, trowel, and cultivator all wrapped in a stunning floral box that will definitely make her happy.

Percozzi Plant Lady Gardening Kit

20. GardenHome Gardening Tool Set

This 7-piece garden tool kit has everything your mom will need during her outdoor gardening adventures! It even comes with a sturdy steel frame stool with strong polyester canvas for the perfect comfort.

All the tools have stainless steel heads with wood handles for a high-quality finish. The detachable polyester storage tote is perfect for her to carry accessories outside and have access to them whenever she needs them!

GardenHome Gardening Tool Set

21. Crabtree & Evelyn Gardeners Hand Therapy

Help your mom moisturize her green thumbs with this gardener’s hand therapy cream by Crabtree and Evelyn. It’s infused with macadamia nut oil and shea butter to strengthen her hands against the elements.

This cream provides intensive moisture and nourishment to give her noticeably smoother skin after each application. This thoughtful gift will remind her of you every time she uses it.

Crabtree & Evelyn Gardeners Hand Therapy

22. Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

If your mom is relatively newer to gardening, then this indoor herb garden starter kit is the perfect gift to help encourage her new hobby!

It comes with 4 culinary herbs to grow at home, all in one sleek box. The kit also includes burlap pots, 4 moisture-proof seed packets, and 1 soil disc that expands when watered. She’ll also receive beautiful bamboo plant markers, pruning shears, and an instruction booklet to help her in this new gardening adventure.

Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

23. Hutzler Garden Colander

This multipurpose gardening basket is perfect for your mom to gather and wash all her crops and veggies right in the garden. It’s also the perfect size for her to take along with her to the next shopping trip to the local farmer’s market.

This garden colander is also BPA-free and dishwasher friendly so she can easily clean it after using it each time.

Hutzler Garden Colander

24. Redecker Hard and Soft Side Vegetable Brush

Get your mom this nifty vegetable crush to help her gently and thoroughly clean almost any kind of vegetables and root crops without scraping, bruising, or damaging them!

It comes with two bristle options; one side features a soft bristle to clean delicate vegetables, while the other side has stiffer bristles for hard root crops. The ergonomic handle will fit perfectly in the contours of her hand and is easy to grip even when handling wet or slippery foods.

REDECKER Hard and Soft Side Vegetable Brush

25. Katai Steel Seed Storage Tin

This steel seed storage tin is the perfect gift for your gardening mom! Help her keep her prized seeds organized and safe in a stylish way by gifting this to her.

It helps organize seeds by sowing date and comes with 20 seed packets and monthly divider cards to give her everything she needs for the perfect seed storage.

Katai Steel Seed Storage Tin

26. Metal Raised Garden Bed Kit w/ Garden Grids™

If you’re willing to splurge a little, this metal raised garden bed is an absolute must-have that will make your mom jump with joy! It comes with a patented garden grid™ watering system that makes gardening absolutely effortless.

The garden bed is easy to assemble, and the watering system comes pre-assembled so you don’t have to worry about your mom having any trouble setting this up. It’s made using high-quality, long-lasting materials that are corrosion-resistant and is finished with USDA-certified, food-safe paint.

Garden in Minutes Metal Raised Garden Kit with Garden Grids

27. Bonsai Starter Kit

Your mom may have tried it all, but she probably hasn’t considered growing her own bonsai! If that’s the case, then get her this bonsai starter kit that contains 4 types of seeds ((Rocky Mountain Bristlecone Pine, Black Poui, Norway Spruce, and Flame Tree), individual burlap growing pots, an expanding-soil disc, and even plant markers.

And even if your mom is new to the game, she’s going to love this since you don’t need a green thumb to get started. The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow and will keep her busy!

Planters Choice Bonsai Starter Kit

28. Versatile Garden Harvest Basket

This high-quality gardening basket is the perfect choice for harvesting, foraging, and even weeding. If your mom is always out and about in the backyard, get her this basket that she can use for years to come!

It’s made of heavy gauge coated wire bottom with an all-solid wood construction for a classic design. Plus, it’s tested to carry up to 50 lbs at a time!

Garden Harvest Basket

29. Hanging Solar Bird Feeder

This hanging solar bird feeder is not just useful, but it’s also stunning during the day and even the night when your mom will be able to turn on the LED lights to have the perfect focal point in the garden.

What’s best is that it’s not just pretty, but also durable thanks to the high-quality and environment-friendly bronze metal used in the construction of this bird feeder. It’s incredibly easy to fill bird seeds in it, and your mom will have a ton of fun watching birds as they come to feed on it!

XDW Gifts Hanging Solar Bird Feeder

30. Thermacell Mosquito Rechargeable Repeller

Have your mom set this up on the patio, porch, deck, or any other outdoor space for a 20-foot zone protection against mosquitoes! It’s powered by rechargeable batteries that work up to 5.5. hours continuously and repel mosquitoes without needing to use any DEET sprays or lotions.

Say goodbye to any smoke, flames, or harsh odors once you gift this to her. And what’s best is that it’s even pet-friendly! You can even repurchase the DEET-free repellent. Plus, don’t worry about it going bad anytime soon since it comes with a 2-year warranty that can be extended as well.

Thermacell Mosquito Rechargeable Repeller

31. Click & Grow Smart Garden 3

If you want to spoil your mom, then this is a great gift that she can use for years to come! This incredible smart garden unit is small yet efficient and is ideal to grow essential herbs such as basil, chives, mint, or salad greens in the kitchen.

It’s incredibly simple to operate and this self-watering system is a great choice for gardening veterans and newbies! This smart garden comes with self-contained seed pods, LED grow lights and a water tank that you need to refill once every 3 to 4 weeks.

Click and Grow Smart Garden 3

32. Aerogarden Harvest

We just had to include this Aerogarden smart garden on the list too! It’s a great option to gift to your mom even if she’s just getting into gardening. She can grow up to 6 plants at a time, and there are 4 different 6-pod options to pick from when purchasing this unit!

It also comes in three different colors and has simply illustrated buttons to help her take care of her plants effortlessly. This smart garden is the ideal system to grow herbs, lettuces, cherry tomatoes, and even cascading petunias! It’s seriously one of the best gardening gifts on the list!

AeroGarden Harvest

33. Garden Tower 2™

If your mom is a gardening expert, then get her this vertical garden planter that’s touted as the world’s most advanced system! This incredible design is actually also a composter that can grow just about any veggie or plant she can think of.

What’s even better is that she can grow up to 50 plants in it and it’s also a vermicomposter bin! If you’ve been looking for a way to thank her for the years and years of love and care, then there’s no other option on the market that’s better than this one.

Garden Tower 2