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  • Organic hydroponic nutrient for a small system

    Created by Ravi on


    Can you advise me what hydroponic nutrient solution I can use to ensure it is organic?

    I am planning to purchase one of the small indoor kits but want to make sure it’s organic nutrients that I use.

    Also I read where rockwool is not considered organic. Are they any small kits that would use organic growing mediums/



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    E. Vinje

    Hello Ravi!

    When it come to nutrients for hydroponics, we have a wide selection for every grower. Unfortunately, we do not carry any that are considered organic, but have organic ingredients in the mixtures. ​I would however, suggest the General Hydroponics Performance Pack to start with.

    As far as organic soil mediums go, we do have an organic medium that is made up of coconut husks that are suitable for hydroponic usage (please note this is not OMRI certified). This can work in our hydroponic system called Emily’s Garden which is a relatively small set up.

    I will include the links to all of these products down below so you can check out each one and determine if it is right for you.
    Hope this helps!

    CANNA Coco

    Performance Pack

    Emily’s Garden

    Hope it helps!

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