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  • Clothes moths

    Created by Carolyn on

    What is the best way to control clothes moths? Is there anything like trichogramma wasps for pantry moths? (Those worked very well last year to finally get rid of them.) I think I have cleaned and put away all the sources but I am still occasionally seeing one flying in my bedroom. I see you have several products but not sure what is most appropriate for my situation. Thanks.

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Carolyn –

    Clothes moths are common throughout the United States and can be very destructive. The small, white larva (1/2″) chew holes in all kinds of animal-based fabrics, including wool, silk and fur, and leave behind webbing and fecal matter. Unfortunately, trichogramma wasps probably will NOT attack clothes moths, although several blogs, and other websites suggest they do.

    To control Clothes Moths indoors we recommend the following natural methods:
    • Vacuuming suspect areas including ALL cracks and crevices
    • Keep clothes clean and wash or dry-clean fabrics prior to storage
    • Use fabric bags or plastic tubs when storing woolens and other fabrics
    • Pheromone traps will help detect moths and are helpful for locating problem areas
    Herbal Moth Repellent Packs will protect clothes from moth damage
    Garden Dust (Bt-k), Boric Acid Powder and Diatomaceous Earth will kill the larvae

    Hope this helps!



    Thanks. How do you use the Bt? Do you sprinkle it onto your clothing, sweaters, rugs, etc? or what?

    How well do the repellent packs work?

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