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Healthy Lawns

Having thick green grass between your toes doesn’t just happen when summer starts.

Growing a weed-free lawn without the chemicals that can harm pets, kids and wildlife takes some knowledge and planning. These articles will give you a good start on the lawn of your dreams.

How to Get Rid of Dandelions (Tried and Tested Methods)

Healthy Lawns

Yes, it is possible to get rid of dandelions without using toxic sprays. Here's how.


Compost & Soil

Mulching grass clippings back into your lawn means less labor and healthier turf.

Organic Lawns, Healthy Soil

Compost & Soil

Healthy soil that's rich in microbial life saves you money, time and effort.

Save Water On Your Lawn

Garden Calendar

Tips for using less water when city restrictions demand it.

Healthy Yards, Healthy People, Healthy Planet

Healthy Lawns

The movement to take the poisons from our lawns is growing.

Learning To Love Moss

Ground Cover

Easy to grow and care for, moss can make green carpets under shade trees, provide color and texture to rock gardens, or replace entire lawns.

The Grass is Greener with Organic Lawn Care

Healthy Lawns

What's there not to like about an organic lawn? It's relatively cheap and it's much better for the environment.

Organic Lawn Care 101 - Lawn Maintenance

Healthy Lawns

The grass is greener — and safer — without synthetic fertilizers and chemical herbicides.

Growing a Lush, Natural Lawn

Healthy Lawns

Tips and techniques for growing and maintaining a safe, chemical-free yard.

Summer Lawn Care Tips

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No matter where we live, it’s time to review some lawn mowing tips and tricks.

Organic Lawn Maintenance

Healthy Lawns

Weeding, watering and mowing.

Healthy Turf -- Aerate the Lawn!

Healthy Lawns

When you aerate you allow more oxygen into the soil and you break up grass roots, further encouraging them to grow.