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Flower Guides

Growing flowers in your garden spaces will transform your home into a private oasis. Our how-to articles on individual varieties, plus some nifty tips, will help you create a beautiful display for your home, no matter where your location or climate.

Turn your outdoor space into a profusion of living color!

Sow and Grow: The 12 Easiest Flowers for Seed Starting

Flower Gardens

Let's dive into a flowery adventure this year by trading your usual plant store haul for the enchantment of growing ...

Sweet Pea

Flower Gardens

Grow graceful, enchantingly fragrant sweet pea blossoms for container bouquets and trellised borders.

The 32 Best Spring Flowers to Plant in Your Home Garden

Flower Gardens

It just doesn’t get better than the sight of spring flowers! Spring is a beautiful time of year, and there's ...

The Rose Whisperer! A Guide to the Meanings of Rose Colors

Flower Gardens

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but fresh roses are worth a million. Roses are among the most popular flowers for special occasions and events, but with all the different shades they come in, how do you know which rose color to select? Rose color meaning has been an impactful way to communicate emotion without words. Depending on the color you pick, they can express love, admiration, joy, or sorrow. Let's dive in and explore rose colors and their meanings in depth.

Types of Lilies: 18 Stunning Lily Species for Your Garden

Flower Gardens

Lilies are loved for their stunning colors, and what’s best is that there are many types of lilies that all ...

Violet Flower: How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Viola

Flower Gardens

Violet flowers, hailing from the violaceae family, are a fascinating and diverse group of perennials. Famous for their stunning violets, ...

What You Need To Know To Grow And Care For Crabapple Trees

Flower Gardens

If you've ever been captivated by the charm of Crabapple Tree in full bloom, you're not alone. With their vibrant ...

Wind-Tolerant Flowers - 14 Beauties That Dance in the Wind

Flower Gardens

Gardening enthusiasts, rejoice! Your windy garden areas no longer need dull green and brown expanses. You can transform these spaces ...


Flower Gardens

Grow these flashy summertime favorites from seed and starts for an easy, eye-catching pop of color.