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Food Safety

Chemical inputs in our food supply have distorted the idea of “normal.”

Learn more about food safety and how GMOs, agribusiness and chemical companies have upset the balance of nature that allow us to have healthy, nutrient-dense foods.

BPA Water Bottle Substitute Worse Than BPA


Chemicals in plastic water bottles continue to threaten health.

GMO Battle 2015

Food Safety

Genetically modified grass (some plants) escape regulation.

The Year In GMOs

Food Safety

Evidence that GMOs are harmful to our health, our environment, and our farming economy continues to grow.

Food Safety ... Who's Paying Attention?


New pork program calling for quicker, less thorough inspection creates issues.

GMOS and Pesticides: Votes, Heart Disease & Seed Diversity

Food Safety

Oregon GMO recount, new Roundup study, heritage seeds threatened.

GMO Vote, Leaf Mold, High-Tech Farming ... And Pie!


Short-takes on natural gardening topics we're following.

Grassroots GMO Triumph


Protecting farmland and economies from GMO contamination.

USDA Approves Genetically Modified Potato

Food Safety

New potato underscores complexity of GMO issue.

GMO Vote Close Despite Millions Spent Against

Food Safety

Oregon results mixed, Maui imposes GMO moratorium.

GMO Labeling On Oregon, Colorado Ballots

Food Safety

Will money defeat common sense once again?

Safe Food At Home


Eating Dangerously discusses the risks, the politics, and the practices that keep meals safe.

GMO Ballot Issues Focus Attacks

Food Safety

As Colorado and Oregon vote on GMO labeling, media continues to miss big picture.