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The flowers and vegetables that your grandparents grew! Heirloom garden seeds have been passed from generation to generation, some for hundreds of years, and are untouched by chemical or genetic modification. Perfect for seed saving – they breed true – they yield classic, best-loved flowers and tastiest vegetables of the sort you won’t find in the supermarket. Many are condition-specific, disease resistant, and gourmet favorites. Start a family tradition.

Ask questions and share information here on our heirloom blog or over at our Seed Starting Forum. They’re both great places to ensure that your flowers, herbs and vegetables get off to a healthy start.

Soak Seeds Before Planting


Tips and tricks to speed germination and get a jump start on the planting season.

Sweet Corn: Hybrid and Heritage


What's the difference between homegrown sweet corn and store-bought? Taste!

Damping Off In Seedlings

Bugs & Thugs

Tips and techniques to prevent damping off disease in vegetable and flower seedlings.

Seed Control and GMO Companies

Food Safety

Will Monsanto take control of your backyard vegetable patch?

What are Hybrid Seeds?


F1 hybrids, plant hybridization and your home vegetable garden.

Starting Seeds Starts Now!

Garden Calendar

February the first marks the kickoff of a new gardening season.

Heirlooms to the Rescue


Planting heirlooms can preserve genetic diversity and enhance global food security.

Starting Seeds Indoors

Garden Calendar

Starting plants from seed just might be the second most enjoyable act of procreation you’ll ever experience.

Why Heirloom Garden Seed?


There are many reasons for growing heirloom flowers, herbs and vegetables. Preserving seed diversity is one.

Hybrid Seeds Past & Present


Advantages and disadvantages of using hybrid seed in the home vegetable garden.

Saving Garden Seeds


All the seed saving tips and techniques you need to know for next year's planting.

The Charm (and Flavors) of Heirloom Vegetables


Practical and aesthetic reasons for growing America's heritage vegetables.