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Garden Design

There’s no wrong way to start a garden!

Knowing how create a garden design from square one can be intimidating, so we gathered the best advice from the experts we trust. Start a kitchen garden, grow in containers, get tips on how to raise your favorite vegetables and more.

Tomatoes & Basil: How Does YOUR Garden Grow?

Garden Design

Companion plants for tomatoes -- not always a perfect pair!

Permaculture and Organics


How the practices of organic gardening and permaculture integrate composting into their philosophies.

Making the Switch to Organic

Garden Design

How to make the transition from conventional to organic production.

Starting A Garden

Garden Design

Here's all you need to know about starting a new organic vegetable plot.

Pea Trellises: Form and Function

Garden Design

Attractive, effective ideas for making a trellis that will support peas.

Permaculture: Local and Sustainable


How to put natural, sustainable gardening principles to use in your own backyard.

Garden Planning: Form and Function

Garden Calendar

Plan and design your best gardens ever. We offer tips and ideas to help you get started.

Vegetable Gardening 101

Garden Design

Everyone knows that home grown veggies taste a million times better than the varieties purchased at the grocery store.

Theme Gardens: Now there's an idea!

Garden Design

Get your creative juices flowing and grow spectacular gardens with our list of themes and design ideas.

Sustainable Gardening: It's All The Rage!


Tips, principles and practices for the organic vegetable gardener.

Intensive Vegetable Gardening

Garden Design

Tips on using raised beds and vertical gardening to get the most from your vegetable patch.

Rose Gardening 101

Garden Design

Learn how to plant, grow and care for roses using these proven, organic techniques.