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Tender green leaves and warming temperatures inspire us to shake off winter and get outside!

Spring means planting seeds and starting garden care that will last all season. See which techniques will give you sturdy plants and a record harvest!

Last Call for Planting Fruit Trees

Fruits & Berries

Apple, peach, cherry, plums and others planted now can provide a lifetime of rewards.

Springtime Garden Soil Preparation

Compost & Soil

Even if conditions aren't yet right for planting, there's plenty to do to get your garden ready.

Vegetables Not To Start Indoors

Garden Calendar

. . . and why (plus how) to raise these plants indoors anyway.

Starting Annual Flowers Indoors

Flower Gardens

Raising your own flowering annuals gives you variety, cost savings and home-grown quality.

Patience When Planting Peas: The Payoff


Wait for the right soil temperatures and conditions before sowing pea seeds.

Buy Plant Starts? Or Grow Your Own?

Garden Calendar

How to get the best organic and heirloom vegetable starts for your garden.

Springtime Soil Testing

Compost & Soil

Testing garden soil for pH and nutrients helps guarantee your growing success.

Indoor Seed Starting Tips

Garden Calendar

Moisture control, proper containers, and good potting mix are key to starting seeds.

Planting Onions In the Home Garden

Garden Calendar

The type of onion you plant depends on your latitude.

Garden Tasks for June

Garden Calendar

Protecting, watering and thinning vegetables as spring becomes summer.

Steps in Transplanting Seedlings

Garden Calendar

How to successfully transplant seedlings into the vegetable garden.

Thinning Plants in Your Garden

Garden Calendar

Tips and techniques for thinning out vegetable seedlings.