Butterfly Gardening Resource Guide

ButterflyAttracting and benefiting from our most beautiful pollinators.

Butterfly gardening belongs to a growing school of gardening that focuses on the preservation of wildlife. It focuses on creating an environment for butterflies to thrive and reproduce. Gardeners who specialize in butterfly gardening place nectar-producing plants and host plants around the garden with hopes of attracting these beautiful insects. Each person has their own reason for creating a butterfly sanctuary that ranges from purely aesthetic to passionate about preserving the species. Many people find a fluttering rainbow fascinating enough to create a garden that attracts butterflies. Others take a more scientific approach by raising or rearing butterflies from ova to imago. Regardless of the reasoning behind this brand of niche gardening, people tend to love it and do so with a clear conscious. Find out more about butterfly gardening below.

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Reasons for Butterfly Gardening

  • Why Garden for Butterflies?: A webpage that focuses on butterfly-specific gardening by listing the necessities for attracting these beautiful insects.
  • Monarch Watch: Butterfly Gardening: Scientists, environmentalists, politicians, and Eco-conscious homeowners have become fond of butterfly gardening because it preserves the species in a natural setting.
  • Create a Butterfly Garden: Home owners eager to attract butterflies may create a garden with plants they love. Not only does this create a natural habitat, but it allows the butterflies to flourish in a safe environment.
  • How to Create a Butterfly Garden: The Telegraph explains how to create a butterfly garden for the sole purpose of preserving the species and enjoying their company.
  • Preserving the Monarch Butterfly: Planting milkweed in local gardens can help preserve the monarch butterfly.
  • Threats to Monarchs: Creating a butterfly garden may be the solution to preserving the monarch.

Butterfly Attracting Plants

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Butterfly Garden Layouts

Butterfly Behaviors

Raising Butterflies