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12 Surprising Ways Our Human Brains Are Still Better Than Artificial Intelligence

Group of medical students looking at model of brain biology.

Prepare to embark on an incredible journey into the depths of the human brain, that enigmatic marvel nestled within our skulls. This modest organ, weighing about 3 pounds (1.4 kilograms), contains the key to our ideas, emotions, and behaviors. Join us as we uncover 12 incredible facts about the brain, each more fascinating than the last, exposing the remarkable miracles that lay under the surface.

1. Fascinating Anatomy

group students looking model brain biology

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Behold the brain, a breathtaking symphony of approximately 86 billion neurons. These tiny powerhouses form an intricate network, conducting electrical and chemical signals that underpin our existence. These neurons dance together with every thought, emotion, and feeling, producing the tapestry of our conscious experience. It’s a mind-boggling natural accomplishment that makes us marvel at the brain’s intricacy and limitless possibilities.

2. Energy Consumption

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While accounting for only 2% of our total weight, our brain has an insatiable need for energy. Surprisingly, it consumes roughly 20% of the body’s overall energy consumption, like an active beast always eager for sustenance. This voracious consumption fuels our ongoing mental activity, enabling us to think, reason, and navigate the world. The brain’s insatiable appetite for energy underscores its crucial role in sustaining our existence.

3. Blood Supply

skull xray image blood supply

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While the brain may be a minor player in the grand scheme of our physical form, it demands a significant portion of our life force. Roughly 20% of our body’s blood supply is directed to this extraordinary organ, ensuring it receives the nourishment it craves. This steady stream of oxygen and nutrients keeps the brain humming with vitality, supporting its remarkable cognitive prowess. It’s a reminder of the brain’s insistent call for sustenance as it orchestrates our every thought and action.

4. The Brain’s Pain Paradox

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Strangely, the brain lacks pain receptors, rendering it immune to suffering. Yet, this fascinating organ becomes the interpreter of pain signals originating from elsewhere in the body. It’s as if the brain is both an objective bystander and a master conductor, deciphering the language of pain and responding with empathy and urgency. This intricate dance between the brain and the body highlights its pivotal role in processing and mitigating pain, ensuring our survival and well-being.

5. Thinking Capacity

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Within the recesses of our brains, a constant whirlwind of thoughts takes flight. It is estimated that the average human generates an astonishing 70,000 thoughts per day. From profound contemplations to fleeting whimsies, our minds are a bustling marketplace of ideas and perceptions. This kaleidoscope of thoughts showcases the brain’s boundless capacity for creativity, curiosity, and contemplation, shaping our understanding of ourselves and our world.

6. Processing Speed

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Like lightning streaking across the sky, neural signals race through our brains at breakneck speeds. Clocking in at an astonishing 120 meters per second (394 feet per second), these electrical messages navigate the neural pathways, allowing us to react swiftly and effortlessly. It’s this lightning-fast processing that enables split-second decisions, lightning-quick reflexes, and the seemingly effortless synchronization of our thoughts and actions.

7. Memory Storage


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A true treasure trove of information resides within the boundaries of our brains. The storage capacity of the human brain is essentially infinite, capable of holding the equivalent of around 2.5 petabytes of data. To put it in perspective, that’s enough to store more information than countless libraries combined. This remarkable capacity for knowledge retention showcases the brain’s ability to absorb, process, and retain an unimaginable wealth of experiences, facts, and memories. 

8. Left Brain vs. Right Brain

right left hemispheres creative analytical thinking

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A complex orchestration occurs within the brain between the left and right hemispheres. The left hemisphere handles reasoning, analysis, and language processing, allowing us to crunch figures, solve riddles, and express ourselves. Meanwhile, the right hemisphere embraces creativity, intuition, and spatial awareness, enabling us to paint, dream, and appreciate the world’s beauty. This harmonious interplay bestows upon us the gift of holistic thinking, blending the rational with the imaginative and bringing forth a kaleidoscope of human potential.

9. Neuroplasticity

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Behold the brain’s extraordinary ability to adapt and transform. Known as neuroplasticity, this remarkable phenomenon allows the brain to rewire and reorganize itself in response to new experiences. It enables us to learn new skills, recover from injuries, and adapt to novel environments. The brain’s shape-shifting nature reveals its resilience and potential for growth, reminding us that we are never truly bound by the limitations of the past.

10. Emotion Regulation

different emotions

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Deep within the brain’s recesses lies a symphony of emotions conducted by a collection of structures known as the limbic system. The amygdala, with its primal instinct, orchestrates our emotional responses, ensuring we react to danger and pleasure alike. The hippocampus, the seat of memory, weaves a narrative of experiences, anchoring emotions to our sense of self. This intricate ensemble within the limbic system shapes our emotional landscape, coloring our perceptions and guiding our actions. 

11. Brain Development

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Contrary to popular belief, our brain’s development extends far beyond childhood. The human brain continues to mature and refine until our mid-20s. This extended period of growth means that teenagers and young adults may exhibit cognitive differences compared to fully mature adults. The brain’s regions responsible for decision-making, impulse control, and emotional regulation undergo significant transformations during this time. Understanding this ongoing development helps us nurture and support the unique cognitive journey of each individual, fostering their flourishing in a complex world.

12. Dreams and REM Sleep

man comfortably sleeping in his bed at night

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As twilight descends and we surrender to sleep, our brain transports us to mysterious realms of dreams. Dreams are not mere illusions; they serve as gateways to our subconscious, facilitating memory consolidation and emotional processing. The brain builds complicated tales during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, sewing together shards of our experiences, wants, and anxieties. It’s as if our dreams become the builders of our emotional well-being, providing peeks into our minds’ inner workings.

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