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Here we’ve compiled several of our favorite rose societies and groups found throughout the world. Enjoy!

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for Roses

“Dedicated to the enjoyment, enhancement and promotion of the rose, our National Floral Emblem.” The American Rose Society divides up the United States into 18 districts, each with their own local rose societies.

The World Federation of Rose Societies includes more than 39 countries and is your gateway to information about the rose around the world.

Founded in 1876, the Royal National Rose Society is a leading gardening charity dedicated to encouraging, improving and extending the science, art and practice of the cultivation and conservation of roses.

The Heritage Rose Foundation is a nonprofit organization established in 1986, devoted to the preservation of old roses.

The Canadian Rose Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering the study of roses and to promoting their cultivation throughout Canada.

Formed in 1975, the Heritage Roses Group is a fellowship of those who care about old garden roses, species roses, old or unusual roses – particularly those roses introduced into commerce prior to the year 1867. Its purposes are to preserve, enjoy, and share knowledge about the old roses.

All-America Rose Selections is an association of growers dedicated to the introduction and promotion of exceptional roses. Since 1938 the AARS seal of approval has graced outstanding new rose varieties that have withstood the test of time – and Mother Nature. Roses is devoted to roses and all that is rose related, including selecting, buying, breeding, caring for and exhibiting. They have cataloged over 28,000 roses and have more than 42,000 photos along with thousands of rose nurseries, public and private gardens, rose societies, authors, breeders, hybridizers and publications from all over the world.

The aim of the New Zealand Rose Society is to share their love of roses with you, to help you in your quest to grow wonderful healthy roses and to promote the growing of roses all over the country.

Rose Magazine offers information and education on a variety of roses. Have some fun with their Hang Man Rose Game and guess the rose name before you get hung.

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