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    Glenn Moss

    Idk where did my previous post go.

    But I’ll say it again – we prefer to use Espoma Lawn Food but any slow release lawn fertilizer that is listed for use on warm season turf grass can be used. Like most organic fertilizer blends, it takes a long time for all of the ingredients to be broken down into a plant-usable form. But it doesn’t have any phosphates and purely organic made (blood + bones), which is harmless for nature, pets and any of your family members. So far so good, using in my gardens with great success.

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    Glenn Moss

    I replanted last year using Espoma Organic Garden Lime (turns Hydrangeas Pink for the visual reference) and Espoma 10/10/10 Garden Food.
    Would be more than glad to add a picture, but don’t know how to do it.

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    Glenn Moss

    The big question is “What do you plan on growing?”. Annuals and perennials require different types of soil. Most of the bagged soil I’ve seen holds too much water and needs to be mixed with a sandy soil or perlite to prevent root rot. How much to mix depends on what you want to grow and how much organic matter is in the bagged soil.