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  • What is the best phosphate free lawn fertilizer?

    Created by M Simoff on

    Hello –

    I have a one acre pond on my property so I don’t use any commercial fertilizers. The smallest bit of phosphate makes the algae in the pond go crazy. Is there a phosphorus free lawn fertilizer that will enhance turf growth without polluting my pond?

    Thank you.

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    Eric Vinje

    Hello M –

    Many states now ban or restrict the sale of lawn fertilizer containing phosphorus. The concern is that much of this nutrient spread on lawns and commercial farms is lost through erosion and runoff. Phosphorus that gets into nearby lakes, rivers and streams can contribute to algae blooms which starve our natural water courses of oxygen that plants and fish need (see Fertilizer Runoff Killing Gulf).

    We offer two slow-release phosphate free lawn fertilizers that we feel are the best on the market. They are:

    Dr. Earth Lawn Fertilizer (9-0-5) promotes a hardy root system and controls thatch buildup. Best of all, it contains mycorrhizae, beneficial fungi that enhance your lawn’s ability to absorb nutrients and water, to ensure that nutrients are made available to the grass roots, even under high stress conditions. Each 40 lb bag covers 4,400 square feet and last up to 3 months after application.

    Ringer Lawn Restore II (10-0-6) provides the essential nutrients that produce thick, green lawns and deep, vigorous root systems. It is pelleted for easy application and OMRI Listed for use in organic production. Apply 4-8 lbs per 1,000 square feet with a drop or rotary spreader every 3-4 months.

    Hope it helps!


    Glenn Moss

    Idk where did my previous post go.

    But I’ll say it again – we prefer to use Espoma Lawn Food but any slow release lawn fertilizer that is listed for use on warm season turf grass can be used. Like most organic fertilizer blends, it takes a long time for all of the ingredients to be broken down into a plant-usable form. But it doesn’t have any phosphates and purely organic made (blood + bones), which is harmless for nature, pets and any of your family members. So far so good, using in my gardens with great success.

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