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  • Organic control for wire weeds/ grass

    Created by rafles on

    Good evening. Anybody knows how to control wire weeds or grass the organic way? Thank you.

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    For organic gardening, vinegar can function as a handy natural weed killer. It's the acetic acid in vinegar that gives it the power to kill weeds. The higher the percentage of acetic acid in the vinegar, the better it will operate as a natural weed killer, technically speaking. Vinegar used for culinary purposes is relatively low (5%) in acetic acid, so repeated applications will be necessary when using it as a natural weed killer.


    Eric Vinje

    Hello –

    Also known as Bermudagrass, Wire Grass is a persistent perennial that spreads rapidly via creeping rhizomes. It is a tough plant that does well in poor soil, which makes it attractive as a turfgrass in certain parts of the country. However, it can quickly take over flower beds and other landscaped areas and may require some effort to get rid of it. I’ve included some tips and techniques for combatting this “weed” here.

    • Pull or hand dig as much as you can, being careful to remove all root fragments
    • If you’ve got dense patches, treat with an organic herbicide or cover with black plastic to solarize the area. During hot summer months, black plastic will kill most weeds in 2-3 weeks.
    • Spot treat individual weeds in garden beds with AllDown Weed & Grass Killer. To minimize damage from drift to desired plants, cut off both ends of a soup can, place over the weed and spray liberally.

    Hope this helps!

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