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  • Community garden compost tumbler

    Created by Ritu Gandhi on

    Good afternoon,

    I am the science teacher at Pasadena ISD. We are planning to build our community garden. I want to know what type of compost tumbler would work best for our garden. We will be collecting left overs and scraps from our kitchen cafeteria. Thank you. Ritu

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Ritu!

    I’m glad to hear you are looking into composting for the gardens! My recommendation for a good compost tumbler would be the 88 gallon compact one to accommodate the amount of food that will be coming in from the garden and cafeteria. It’s easy to move around and has a convenient handle to make turning the pile much easier.

    Below is the link to follow in order to get a better idea of the dimensions and design. Keep in mind that you want a bin that can hold a large enough volume to really heat up properly. The Compact ComposTumber is perfect for this.

    Happy planting!

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