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  • What’s the best weed killer for landscaping?

    Created by Carol Garnett on

    I have a gravel (pebble size rocks) front yard. It is old and the plastic underneath my landscaping is rotting and weeds come up all over. I am wondering if there is a nontoxic spray I could use on the whole area to prevent the weeds.

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    Eric Vinje

    Hello Carol –

    In my opinion, AllDown Organic Weed Killer is your #1 weapon in the War on Weeds. Made with strong vinegar (20%) and citric acid (14%) it’s the product to reach for when you’re dealing with troublesome weeds in landscaped areas. Best of all, it’s OMRI Listed for use in organic production so you won’t damage yourself, or your pets, while using it.

    Use 7.5 to 15 oz of prepared solution to treat 100 sq ft. For larger annuals and burn-down of perennial weeds, higher application rates may be required. Overspray or drift will injure or kill contacted vegetation.

    Hope it helps!

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