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  • Soil Test Results — Advice for Fertilizer

    Created by GreenForlife on


    I just got my soil test results back and they recommended the following fertilizers:

    10-0-10 – 1 lb now, 1 lb in 4 weeks

    0-0-22 – 3/4 lb

    Limestone – 10 lb

    I can not find a 10-0-10 fertilizer anywhere. I’ve been reading up on what the numbers means and I’m seriously confused. Could someone possibly suggest what I can use instead of this? I see I can buy the 0-0-22 here, but what do I do about the 10-0-10?

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    Green for Life – Are you sure that the fertilizer recommendation was 10-0-10 or was it 10-10-10, which would be a basic all-purpose organic fertilizer? Also, How big is your garden area?



    Yes – 100 % sure

    10-0-10 and 0-0-22 my Phosphorus is 121 PPM where it should be 30-50 according to them- My garden is 128 Sq FT – The local gardening store recommended I use 45-0-0 and 0-0-60 and sclae it back, but I have no ideas what that means – This is all new to me



    Green for Life – The numbers found on a fertilizer bag are the percentage by weight of the N, P, and K found in the fertilizer. For example, a 50 lb. bag of a 10-0-10 fertilizer would have 5 lbs. of Nitrogen, 0 lbs. of phosphorous and 5 lbs. of potassium in it. I personally have never seen a fertilizer marked 10-0-10, but what you could do is take a bag of greensand (0-0-7) and a bag of alfalfa pellets (5-1-2) or blood meal (13-1-0) and get real close. It looks to me like they want you to boost your nitrogen and potassium levels without adding phosphorous. I'm not sure that this can be done as most fertilizers include phosphorous… but you can get real close! Find the aforementioned products here!

    Hope this helps!



    I think that if you mix
    2 lb. Blood Meal (13-1-0)
    1 lb. Organic Potash (0-0-30)

    you will have 3 lb. of fertilizer between (8-0-10) and (9-1-10).

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