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  • Treating Sod Webworms w/ Nematodes

    Created by Ross Elmore on

    Hello –

    Can I use Beneficial Nematodes (Scanmask®) to kill sod webworms?

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Ross –

    Yes, Beneficial nematodes will kill sod webworms. Living in the thatch, just above the soil, sod webworms spin a light webbing and feed on the undersides of grass. Damage occurs on most turfgrasses including bluegrass, bentgrass, tall and fine-leafed fescues and buffalo grass and is most prevalent in areas that receive plenty of direct sunlight or south-facing slopes. Heavily shaded areas are seldom attacked.

    Beneficial nematodes (Steinernema feltia) kill almost all pest insects in and on the soil, including thatch, and are an effective control measure for use against sod webworm. Simply scatter Scanmask® over the affected area and water. Killing action begins 24 hours after application.

    Note: Applications can be made anytime the ground is not frozen.

    Hope this helps!

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