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  • thinning tomato seedlings

    Created by Anonymous on

    My tomato seedlings are about 1.5″ tall…tomato seeds are so small, that when I planted in my seed tray, I pinched a group of them and put in the soil. They are now growing in a tight grouping. Is this a problem and if I need to separate them, what’s the best method? thanks

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    the best way to thin out tom's is to just use a pair of sharp sheers and cut the unwanted plants at the ground.



    thanks for the advice….I replanted them in the garden, but only one survived. I have a few other tomato seedlings that I'm going to replant this weekend…I'm going to plant them deeper than the others.


    Eric Vinje

    Hello –

    Thinning plants is one of our least favorite things to do in the garden. However, the earlier you thin them, the faster they’ll grow — don’t wait! Also, tweezers can be handy for those particularly delicate jobs. Here’s a link to an article we wrote on the subject.


    Hope it helps!

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