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  • How do I start a new vegetable garden?

    Created by Toni on

    I’m starting a new garden plot in what previously can be best described as a field. Grass and weeds were abundant, and the soil hard.

    With the new information indicating that Round-Up causes cancer and gastrointestinal problems, a more wholistic means of clearing the soil of grasses and weeds is needed.

    My father grew about 2 acres of garden every year; farming with a single row tractor. A turn-plow and cultivators being the main tools used. Weekly cultivation was needed to keep weeds under control, and to throw fresh dirt up onto the vegetation to promote greater root growth.

    Each year, for each crop, he would plow up all the soil every few days for a couple of weeks before planting his crops. This disturbed weed growth and cleaned the soil of wild seeds (mostly). This is the method I am currently using to prepare the soil for gardening, and at the same time I’m mixing in organics, steer manure, bone meal, and earth worms.

    Does anyone have a different method of preparing new field soil for gardening; specifically the issue is, “getting rid of weed seeds and roots”?

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Toni –

    I like what you are doing here. In fact, I too prepare new garden areas in much the same way as you and your father. It’s a tried and true method, does not involve toxic chemicals, and it works! The only other technique I can think of, besides using an organic herbicide, is solarizing soil by covering it with plastic tarps. This method is often employed during the heat of summer to kill unwanted weeds, pests, disease, and fungi in the earth. Doing it in the spring probably won’t accomplish this. It just doesn’t get warm enough.

    Happy gardening!


    Starting up a garden with veggies is quite simple. The plants which yield you good food, never ask for too much pampering. But we have to give the worthy and beneficial life to them. To create a garden, You have to plan your space, seeds, shrubs, composite, pesticides. Enough water and manure is also is need to life up their growth.

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