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  • What is organic food?

    Created by Emily Pendleton on

    Hello –

    I’m just curious, and a little bit confused. What does it mean when food is labeled organic?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Eric Vinje

    Emily –

    When food is labeled organic, it simply means that it was grown without using synthetic or chemical fertilizers and insecticides. Instead, organic growers stick to fertilizers made from animal or vegetable by-products and get creative when dealing with pest problems — often utilizing beneficial insects or companion plants that deter the unwelcome visitors.

    Not only does organic growing cause less harm than conventional-type food production, it actually has many benefits (see Organic Vegetables vs. Conventional).

    • By eating organic food, you ingest fewer chemicals.
    • Organically grown food helps defend against cancer with its higher essential vitamins and nutrients.
    • Most organic gardeners use compost, which reduces the amount of waste going to landfills.
    • Organic gardens feed the soil rather than depletes it.

    Making the switch to organic food is as much an act of will power as it is work. But the rewards — feeding you or your family fruits and vegetables untainted by herbicides, fertilizers and the residues of chemical pesticides — are priceless.

    Hope it helps!

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