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  • Natural Weed & Feed for Lawn

    Created by Kelly on

    Hello. I’d like to use a natural earth friendly weed and feed and stop receiving lawn applications. My lawn is 5400 sq ft. Can you tell me what would work and how much I’d need? Thank you.


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    E. Vinje

    Hello Kelly –

    Currently, there are no organic herbicides that are specific to weeds and not kill grass. As a result we recommend the following approach:

    1. Apply Weed Prevention Plus in the early spring and late fall to prevent new weed seeds from germinating (25 lbs/ 1500 sq ft).

    2.) Spot treat or hand dig existing weeds..

    The links below should help.

    Organic Weed & Feed


    Horticultural Vinegar

    Organic Lawn Care 101

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