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  • All-Natural Mosquito Control Methods

    Created by Maggie on

    Recently bought a house thought it was fleas but found I’m having a problem with mosquitoes inside and outside of my home. How can I get rid of them naturally. I live in Antelope, California.

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Maggie –

    You’re in luck! There are many good products for natural mosquito control. Please click on the link below for our page on how to get rid of mosquitoes using time-tested, organic and natural techniques.


    Good luck!



    Hello Maggie, I have had to deal with mosquitoes for most of my life, and the most important thing I have found is to avoid any standing water. Water is tires is especially bad because the water can breed mosquitoes in a dark covered environments for weeks. I would complain to the city, as it is a health hazard.

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