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  • Getting Rid of Mosquitoes in my Pasture

    Created by Meranda Sturdavant on


    We just moved to a home on five acres. The pasture is alive with mosquitos and my horses are going nuts from them.

    Is there anything available that can be applied to the pastures that is safe for the horses?

    We don’t have standing water on our property. The grass is quite tall in some areas and we will be mowing it in the near future but I would like to put something else in place to help keep them from coming back.

    I appreciate any help and advice you can give.

    Thank you for your time and assistance.


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    Eric Vinje

    Meranda –

    Look into Vectobac. We no longer offer the product as distribution was becoming an issue… but it seems like the ticket for what you — and your horses — are dealing with! The active ingredient, Bt-israelensis (Bt-i), is a highly specific biological pesticide that attacks mosquito larvae and will not harm you or your horses. If I remember correctly, it can be applied to pasture land.

    Here’s a link to our page on Mosquito Control (https://www.planetnatural.com/pest-problem-solver/lawn-pests/mosquito-control/).

    Hope it helps!

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