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  • HELP! Mint is taking over my garden.

    Created by Anonymous on

    Years ago I made the mistake of planting mint in my garden. Any ideas how to get rid if it with out chemical herbicide?

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    A much less expensive, organic method is to dissolve 2 cups of salt (table salt is fine) and a squirt of dishsoap into 1 gallon of white vinegar. Pour into a WELL MARKED spray bottle, and liberally douse the mint, or any other green thing you want to curl up & die
    This is going to take MANY applications, because mint is the demon spawn of all garden plants, and is truly evil. But diligence will eventually win!



    thank you lilypotter. it's been a while hope you still log on


    Eric Vinje

    Hello –

    Yes, mint can produce quickly and will indeed spread. As a result, many backyard growers prefer to plant mint in containers. You can also keep mint from taking over by planting it in a bottomless container — think coffee can — sunk into the ground at least 10 inches deep. This will keep the plant’s network of rhizomes from spreading. To regain your garden without using toxic herbicides consider digging up the patch (make sure to get it all) or cover it with black plastic for several weeks. We also recommend AllDown Organic Herbicide. Made from horticultural vinegar and citric acid, it degrades rapidly and will not move through the soil to injure nearby plants. Here’s a link.


    Hope it helps!

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