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  • Best Time to Use Milky Spore

    Created by George Kloppe on

    Is there a time frame when Milky Spore should be applied? Is it best used in areas that are most attractive to the beetles?

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi George –

    Milky spore is a naturally occurring bacteria that is used to prevent the development of Japanese beetle populations. The disease spreads naturally as each infected beetle larvae dies, decomposes and releases billions of new spores into the soil. Milky spore is NOT harmful to humans, pets or wildlife and can be used on lawns and ornamental gardens in residential areas. For best results, follow these directions for use:

    • Apply one level teaspoon on top of grass in spots every 4 ft. in rows 4 ft. apart.
    • Use 1 lb for every 4,000 sq ft of turf or 10 lbs per acre.
    • Apply any time of year when the ground is not frozen.
    • Apply Spring, Summer and Fall for two consecutive years (6 applications total) for faster control.
    • Water lightly after application to soak spores into the soil.
    • Areas between spots will be inoculated naturally, which may require 2-4 years to achieve control.
    • When grubs are no longer present, the spores remain dormant waiting for subsequent populations.


    Hope this helps!

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