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  • What herbs and vegetables should I grow indoors?

    Created by Katie on

    Hello! I would love some advice about what sort of herbs and vegetables might thrive indoors in my New Jersey condo this winter. I don’t know if you work at all with folks like me, or mostly with bigger gardeners and farms! If you can’t help me, no worries, just thought I’d ask! I you can give me some advice, great!

    Here’s my deal: I would really love to grow my own organic food, especially now that my son is 15 months old and starting to really notice things around him. I want him to know what food is and where it really comes from, and to experience the wonder of seeing it grow. I took him to a pick-your-own at our CSA farm and he loved it!! I’ve tried indoor windowsill gardens and outdoor container gardens for years with mixed results, mostly not a lot of success. I live in a condo, so don’t have any yard space to plant. I had a small container garden on my deck this summer– again, with mixed results. I would love the advice of someone who knows what they’re doing!! People that I’ve spoken with at local nurseries don’t seem to understand my interest in organics. I’m hoping you can offer me some advice about what is likely to thrive in the space we’ve got!

    We are already sad about the CSA season coming to a close next month, and so would like to try to get some herbs and maybe some veggies growing indoors this winter. We have a long window (about 7 feet long) that faces SE. It gets good direct light from early morning until early afternoon. I’ve been thinking about getting a sofa table to go behind the sofa in front of the table to put some pots on. It would probably be about 1’x5′.

    I have pots of purslane and sage that I will bring in from the deck when it gets cold. I have some watercress in a window that faces NW, and it hasn’t been growing very quickly (maybe because it’s not getting much sunlight?)

    I’m wondering what you would recommend– is there something that is likely to thrive indoors near a sunny window over the winter? I’m particularly interested in herbs and greens.

    Thank you!


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