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  • Applying Vinegar to Kill Grass

    Created by Laura on

    Will horticultural vinegar kill grass? I’d like to get rid of some areas of my lawn in order to plant little flower beds. If it does work, how soon after use can I plant flower seeds or potted flowers? Thank you!

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Laura –

    Our best organic herbicide is AllDown, which contains 23% horticultural vinegar and 14% acetic acid. It is a non-selective, fast-acting contact spray used for eliminating broadleaf weeds and unwanted grass. Easy to use, just mix AllDown concentrate with 3 parts water and treat at a rate of 7.5 to 15 oz/ 100 sq ft. For grasses and perennial weeds higher application rates and repeat treatments may be required. Only contacted vegetation will be affected.

    AllDown Organic Herbicide breaks down quickly in the soil and treated areas can be replanted in a day or two. However, grasses and established perennial weeds may require higher application rates and/ or 2 to 3 treatments.

    Hope this helps!


    Eric Vinje

    Laura –

    As a follow up, I asked the manufacturer how soon after using AllDown can an area be replanted? Here’s what they said:

    “Pretty much right away. It only kills what it touches. If it is not up and growing AllDown will have no effect on seedlings that have not germinated.”

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