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  • Growing Tomtoes in Southern California

    Created by sherri on

    What tomato varieties do you sell/ recommend for growing in Southern California? Do you sell plants or just seeds?

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    Eric Vinje

    Sherri –

    We do sell tomato starts… but retail only! As for tomato seeds, I recommend the following heirloom varieties for your area.

    Mexico Midget – Mexican Cherry Heirloom that has delicious flavor similar to beefsteak. Indeterminate variety, 70 days to maturity.

    Sungold – Orange Cherry tomato that is equally sweet and flavorful. Indeterminate variety, 65 days to maturity.

    Gold Medal – Indeterminate variety that can take up to 90 days to reach maturity. Good balance of sweet and acidic, perfect for fresh eating. Bi-colored orange and red fruits will please the eyes and stomachs alike.

    Kosovo – A superior paste or cooking tomato. Prolific production of 8-12 oz pink fruits. 80 day, indeterminate variety.

    Juliet – Great cooking variety, similar to Roma tomatoes in taste and texture. Small 1-2 oz red fruits. Indeterminate variety with great disease and cracking resistance. 60 days to maturity.

    KBX – Late maturing beefsteak type tomato. Indeterminate variety and prolific production. Gorgeous orange flesh and delectable flavor. Great for fresh eating. 80 days to maturity.


    Happy growing!

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