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  • Can I fully automate my grow room?

    Created by TJ on

    I see lots of grow room controllers from all different manufacturers, but what complete setup with all compatible components for temperature, humidity and CO2 is best? Please send me your specs, for a small operation. 🙂

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    Eric Vinje

    Hello TJ –

    We looked through our grow room controllers and found an all-in-one system that seems like it would satisfy all of the different environmental conditions you’re looking for. The Autopilot Digital Environmental Controller has humidity, temperature and CO2 sensors with corresponding outlets to regulate each condition. It coordinates the use of supplemental CO2 injection within the temperature function, has four outlets and a 15′ remote combo probe to sense temperature, humidity and light. Once programmed with it’s easy to use push button functions, it can supply power to accessories such as fans, humidifiers, and CO2 injection systems. It also has a data logger that records minimum and maximum temperature and humidity levels.

    Likewise, there is the Greenhouse Master Controller that functions very similarly. The difference with this one is that CO2 is monitored and controlled separately from the temperature and has a highly accurate dual beam CO2 sensor.

    Hope it helps!



    When you start growing your own weed, one of the first things you learn is the importance of the environment in your grow room. In order to grow a quality crop, you must have control over the temperature and humidity levels that your plants are exposed to throughout their life cycle. This means you need to have the right lighting, fans for ventilation, watering systems, and they all need to be in sync with each other 24 hours a day. Sound complicated? Don’t worry – with the right equipment, it is actually very simple and easy to maintain the perfect environment for your grow op.

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