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  • What can I do for root aphids indoors?

    Created by emahoney1892 on

    I recently had a bad infestation of root aphids on multiple indoor plants. I wanted to ask the best way to eliminate them and prevent my other plants from getting them as well? Thanks!

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    Eric Vinje

    A growing pest of greenhouse and indoor garden plants, root aphids can multiply quickly, unseen, and sap enough vigor from your plants to kill them. Here’s how to eliminate them indoors organically.

    Avoid importing soil or other growing medium of unknown origin into your growing space. Many nursery plants, especially those from large, commercial growers, have been found to carry root aphids and their eggs into green houses.

    Use yellow sticky traps across indoor grow spaces to discover signs of root aphids on the move.

    Pay careful attention to your plants. Roots that are visible in grow cups and other hydroponic methods should be periodically inspected. The small, usually white mite stage may be noticeable attached to the sides of grow cups, tanks and trays.

    Beneficial nematodes introduced to hydroponic solutions at the first sign of infestation may slow the spread of root aphids.

    With lights off, saturate the growing medium with a solution of Nuke Em (1 oz/ 31 oz water). Slowly pour near the plant stem into the soil and let stand for at least 1 hour — longer contact times are best. Rinse the media before turning lights back on.

    BotaniGard ES is a highly effective biological insecticide containing Beauveria bassiana, an entomopathogenic fungus that attacks a long-list of troublesome crop pests – even resistant strains! Weekly applications can prevent insect population explosions and provide protection equal to or better than conventional chemical pesticides.

    When treating aphids in various indoor growing mediums, complete and thorough coverage of infected areas is critical to control. Submerge infested grow cups and root balls completely in a pyrethrum concentrate for a half-minute or more, gently swirling roots and medium to insure complete saturation.

    Remove badly infested plants. No orchid, no herb or flowering perennial is worth risking your other plants and the health of your entire grow space in an attempt to wait out harvest on an affected plant.

    Hope it helps!



    I use Neem Oil once a month to protect my indoor plants from aphids and mealy bugs.

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