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  • Droopy Orchid Leaves

    Created by MB Honaker on


    What is the best organic fertilizer that you sell and most suited for orchids ? My plants need silica and other nutrients to promote nice firm leaves (better structural integrity vs. somewhat wilting/ soft as they are currently).

    I wouldn’t mind seeing some blooms once in a while either. 😉

    Please advise.

    Thanks for your time.
    Best Regards,

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    E. Vinje

    MB –

    We sell an 11 oz bottle of fertilizer called orchid-pro that should help to fix your orchid problems. It has a variety of macro and micro nutrients essential for healthy growth. The idea with fertilizing orchids is the weakly, weekly routine. You want to feed them regularly, but too little fertilizer is better than too much. It’s also best to fertilize after watering to prevent potentially burning the plant.

    Here’s a couple of links:



    Hope this helps!

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