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  • codling moths

    Created by Joe Whiteman on

    I have a bad infestation of coddling moths in my single apple and pear trees. Also lots of aphids on the plums.

    I was thinking of spraying with neem oil and also with Kaolin clay. Is this a good plan Where can I get a suitable backpack sprayer and where would I get the neem oil and kaolin?

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    E. Vinje

    Hi Joe –

    It is best to attack bad infestations at different stages in their lifecycle. By eliminating the pest while they are in an immature stage of their lives (eggs, larvae, and pupae) you are able to drastically reduce the adult moth population.

    Cleaning up your trees is first and foremost. Remove any and all loose bark and other orchard debris material that the moths may overwinter in. Any sort of loose branches or wood piles should be removed and destroyed. Band strips of cardboard 6-8 inches wide tightly around the tree trunks in early spring. Coddling moth larvae will use these strips to pupate, remove and destroy strips after cocoons have formed.

    After cleaning up the area, spray a horticultural oil to eradicate any eggs that may be present. Second, apply beneficial nematodes which will seek out and destroy immature stages of the coddling moth. Beyond the nematodes, Coddling Moth Traps and Kaolin Clay are your best bet for preventing worm infestations. Surround WP is the brand of kaolin clay we sell here at Planet Natural. I’ve attached links to the horticultural oil, nematodes, coddling moth traps, kaolin clay and a link to our different sprayer types (the backpack sprayer is at the bottom of the page). Good luck!

    Horticultural Oil

    Beneficial Nematodes (Scanmask®)

    Codling Moth

    Surround WP


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