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  • Coco Coir Fiber vs Chips

    Created by Al Tick on

    Earth Juice coco coir fiber – has it been rinsed and composted to remove excess sodium? The description doesn’t mention it.

    I would prefer the coconut fiber type – but could choose the Roots Organics Coco Chips, though they are bigger, as it does state that it has been composted and rinsed.
    Using it as soil amendment not in planters.

    Thanks for assistance.

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Al –

    Earth Juice coco coir looks to be heat sterilized, it does not mention if it has been rinsed or composted. The Earth Juice website does mention that it has “the lowest EC salt index” which I would assume means it has been rinsed for salts.

    I would highly recommend the Roots Organics Coco Fiber if you can get your hands on it. Unfortunately Roots will be out of fiber until at least the end of April. I would suggest using Canna Coco Coir as a replacement for the Roots Coco Fibers. Find it here…


    Hope this helps!

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