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  • clover lawn care

    Created by Melanie on

    I seeded my lawn with clover last summer, I live in eastern Canada, and I’m looking for a natural fertilizer and a way to eliminate weeds (mostly dandelions) without hurting the clover. What would you propose?



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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Melanie –

    As you probably know, clover, which takes nitrogen from the air and deposits it in the earth where your grass can use it, was an accepted, even encouraged part of lawns until the early fifties. It only acquired its weed status because the earliest broad-leaf 2,4-D herbicides killed it off along with the dandelions.

    Clover is a terrific lawn alternative because it grows deep roots, tolerates poor soil, and stays green when many other plants turn brown. It also sucks nitrogen out of the atmosphere and returns it to the soil as fertilizer. As a result, your clover lawn maintenance program should include fertilizers that are low, or contain no nitrogen. I’ve included a few links to products the we offer that are perfect for clover lawns.

    Here’s a liquid fertilizer…

    …and a dry fertilizer:

    You could also combine these two amendments and apply in the spring and fall.

    When managing weeds do not blanket spray with a broadleaf herbicide — it will kill clover too. Instead spot treat dandelions using a non-toxic, non-selective weed killer such as AllDown Organic Herbicide. A safe alternative to Roundup®, it contains 23% acetic acid (household vinegars contain 5%), plus citric acid to work fast. It’s people and pet friendly too!


    Good luck!

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