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  • Best way to kill weeds in my yard?

    Created by Travis on

    I’m moving into a new apartment with a yard (if I had to guess, maybe 11ft x 19ft, give or take 2-3 feet in either direction) that right now is completely full of waist high weeds. Seriously no desirable plants or grass to be seen. I’d like to find an effective way to clear out all the weeds for good, while still allowing vegetation to grow in the foreseeable future (so nothing like salt) and pet safe is a must. I’m not necessarily looking to put down grass, but a combination of dirt, maybe gravel or wood chips, and a small garden.

    I’m incredibly new to landscaping and don’t really know where to start. I’m looking at this product: https://www.planetnatural.com/product/horticultural-vinegar/ and I’m thinking maybe a combination of spraying that stuff and pulling out the dead remains once it has done it’s job. My question is will the vinegar leave the remaining soil inhospitable to new and desirable vegetation?

    Any links or advice on the topic would be incredibly useful.

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Travis –

    Horticultural Vinegar may make the soil a bit more acidic but I don’t see this being a problem with growing plants in the future. I do like your idea of using mulches and planting a garden in the area. Also, consider native landscape plantings — a good nursery should be able to help with this and please check the landscaping section of our blog… it’s chock-full of useful information that should help. Thanks for your question.


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