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  • Boxwood psyllid – HELP!!

    Created by Courtney on

    Dear PN:
    The rain and chill finally ended here in Chicago this week and I got out in into the yard – to discover we have a severe and widespread boxwood psyllid infestation. Front and back yard, every bush (about 20) in four locations is completely covered in the nymph trails and the mature insects come out of the bushes when shaken. I think we’ve clearly missed the window for early soap or oil application, unfortunately. My plan is next level short-life pesticide, followed by ladybugs. Can you recommend the right pesticide from your options, and do you still have ladybugs available? Any other suggestions? Many thanks! Courtney

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    E. Vinje

    Courtney –

    I like your approach here and yes, we still have ladybugs and will be getting a fresh batch again in June. To knock down the pest numbers prior to releasing ladybugs I recommend using the Take Down Garden Spray. It is a mix of botanical pyrethrin and canola oil. Pyrethrin will provide a quick knockdown while the canola oil will suffocate any eggs that may be present. The product breaks down in 3-5 days and a couple applications may be necessary.


    Beneficial Insects for Pest Control

    Take Down

    Hope it helps!

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