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  • Does the bokashi kit work?

    Created by Mthuck on

    Anybody tried using a bokashi kit? My wifey bought me one to try.

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    You will love it! We've been using Bokashi and EM1 for the last 5 years on our property. We stopped using the Bokashi bran and went to the EM1 which is the mother culture. We use it in liquid form in our Bokashi buckets instead of the bran. It's just easier and the results are the same. Besides you can spray the EM-1 anywhere, we use it on our fruit and nut trees etc. We've been using organic gardening methods for over 30 years so I thought our soil was pretty good. But adding these additional microorganisms has really helped make the plants stronger and more pest resistant. We also use Azomite, which provides the essential trace minerals, so it's a win-win all around. Both are truly "organic" products. Good luck!


    Eric Vinje

    You bet your sweet compost they do! Plus, they’ll recycle meat, bones, dairy and food scraps into a nutrient-rich soil enhancer. We love ours:


    Have fun with it!

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