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  • Hydroponics Nutrients for New Grower

    Created by Tom on

    What is the best nutrients for me to buy as a beginner gardener? I have a small set up in my garage with plants in a 27lt tub. I am 14 and doing a young scientist competition. I have chosen to do an experiment comparing aquaponics vs hydroponics.
    Could you please help?

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    Eric Vinje

    Hi Tom –

    ​Due to ease of use I would recommend the Flora Series Performance Pack. This kit includes everything you need to grow your plants from start to finish in a hydroponic set up​. The feeding chart is a nice reference guide to follow, though you may find it beneficial to tweak it and design your own. Keep in mind leafy greens need more nitrogen, whereas fruiting plants such as tomatoes will need more phosphorus and potassium once they begin to produce fruit. Less is better than more when it comes to adding hydroponic nutrients, it can be easy to burn your plants by adding too much nutrient. Sticking to a nutrient application regime and cleaning out your reservoir on a weekly or bi-weekly basis will help immensely.

    Keep in mind, aquaponics utilizes fish waste as plant fertilizer. Due to this, I would refrain from adding any nutrients to your aquaponic system. We have a wonderful article about aquaponics in our research center. It should be of immense help to get your fishy garden up and swimming. Check it out here!

    Good luck with your scientist competition!

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